What fonts make us feel

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We’ve all had an experience like this: You get an offer to refinance your mortgage or perhaps switch to a new insurance company. It seems legitimate at first but something about the letter or email feels strange. The type looks... cheap? Is that Arial? You immediately ask yourself, could this be a scam?

Brands rely on type to convey trust, sincerity, and reliability. Even if the logo, photography, graphic design and UI are flawless, the second the type breaks down is the second that doubt or concern creeps into someone’s mind.

Designers and brand experts have known for years that type affects how people feel, even if they can’t explain exactly why. Consumers can instinctively sense when a typeface isn’t hitting the mark, and it has a subconscious emotional impact that’s hard to quantify. Would you follow directions from a motorway sign setin Comic Sans? Or take out home insurance from a company using Papyrus? And if not, why not?

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